Yashashvi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. K.H Patel's graduation at UC Berkely.
IndoSal Chemicals, which Pioneered the production of Salycylic Acid in India. (1954)


  • Founded in the year 1954, by Dr. K. H Patel

    • Farmer's son turned technocrat.

    • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering from the USA.

    • Returned to contribute to a newly independent India

    • Started ‘Indosal Chemicals’ in 1954

  • Currently located in Gujarat

    • Among the most developed states in India with sound infrastructure and good governance.

    • Major manufacturing hub of the country, located in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor

    • Fastest growing region for Chemical manufacturing in the country

With ambitious millennials and Gen X's to succeed Dr. K H Patel, we have continued to explore various fields, and remain curious. Which has resulted in the group expanding its horizons and is today a well-known name in the Chemical Manufacturing and Process Equipment industries. The Group is now, one of the leading manufacturers of Benzene and Naphthalene-based compounds and is a market leader in Filtration and Drying Equipment in the country. Across all its verticals, the group is a preferred supplier to marquee clients and reputed multinational corporations.