Pilot Plant:

  • Well equipped Pilot Plant

    • Capacity: 1-liter to 2000-liter

    • Material of Construction: Stainless steel, Glass lined, Hastalloy, etc.

    • Temperature pressure capabilities

      • - 10 °C to 250 °C

      • Up to 100 bar at 5-liter scale

      • Up to 40 bar at 600-liter scale

  • Systematic scale-up is possible.

    • Reducing the mistakes and difficulties arising in establishing the process in the plant.

  • Small Scale Production

  • Well equipped Analytical Laboratory


  • Contract from multinational German Company.

  • Literature Survey.

  • Bench Scale Process development and optimization.

  • Pilot Plant trials in Progress.

  • Bench-scale process for two agrochemical products for a company in the USA.

  • Option to manufacture the product at a large scale at a later stage.